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·New production and New Technology 2003-11-17 11:19:45

UV solidification devices designed for fitful adhesive rolling imprinter:
Equipped with UV solidification system, the device is ingenious and small volume. There are shutter and quartz adiabatic systems attached to the device. It could work together with imported devices via intranet.

UV solidification devices designed for flexible printing, brand printing and form printing:
The device is equipped with both wind cooling system and water cooling system. It is divided into lamp section and power supply section, and its whole volume is small. The device can service at variant printing speeds with variant power classes.

Some devices special for adhesive printing and flexo & gravure printing processing:
1、Ultraviolet High Pressure Mercury Lamps: metal halide UV solidification lamps special for the imprinters of following companies, such as Sanqi and Lindeke from Japan, Dasheng from Taiwan and Basch from Japan. We also service for equipping adhesive imprinters and flexo & gravure imprinters with UV solidification devices.
2、Solarization Lamps: metal halide UV solidification lamps for screen basking machines of many companies, such as Philips 1~3 KW screen basking machines, Japanese Screen 3~4KW screen basking machines etc. We supply solarization lamps assorted to the famous domestic machines, and produce various screen basking machines as well as corresponding power supplies (ballasts and triggers) and so on.
3、Quartz Discs: We supply various quartz discs and adiabatic sheet, and the normal sizes of quartz discs are shown below: 150 X 150 X 2, 150 X 300 X 3, 100 X 100 X 1 Quartz discs with abnormal shapes such as trapezoid and diamond are on the list of our products.
4、Supply German UV lamps, original UV solidification devices and quartz discs with dope.

UV Glazing , Solidification and Dope Drying Device
It is suitable to mount this device to the machines used for adhesive printing, screen-printing, flexible printing, surface printing and gravure printing. The device is also used to solidify the UV sensitive ink when being linked to the printing machine.
Specialty: shutter, power transform, quartz adiabatic sheet, enforced cooling device and little cost

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