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Zhuozhou Blue Sky Special Lamps Development Limited Company lies in Zhuozhou county of Hebei province, 60 kilometers south to Beijing. Famous for its nature environment, Zhuozhou County is obliged as the First County of China by Emperor Kangxi. Since 107 National Road winds through west of Zhuozhou county, and Jingguang Railway and Jingshen Highway through east as well, the traffic is much convenient.

Blue Sky began her career on 1983, and now has a capacity of more than one million of lamps per year with 120 employees. With a manufacture base of about 200 hundred of square meters, she provides customers with UV and IR lighting equipments and their accessories as well as dope for UV. Beginning with the slogan of “ To develop UV enterprise, to decontaminate environment ”, she pays lots of attentions to employee training and technology refreshing throughout her career. With better quartz tubing and electrodes imported, Blue Sky keeps a perfect manufacture process of special lamp in place and has set up a developed and efficiently running quality system. Today, no doubt, Blue Sky has been the largest and the most professional enterprise in special lamps manufacturing fields of china.

Undertaking of Blue Sky: Equal product, better quality; Equal quality, lower price; Equal price, more considerate service.

Perfect product, reasonable price and considerate service are what Blue Sky provides to customers, she did and will do practise the principle of “ Customer above all, quality above all, and credit above all ”. Blue Sky would like to contribute her effort to protect the environment together with friends all over the world.

· Trustee enterprise of the Screen-printing Division of China Printing Association.
· Member of the Liquid Crystal Division of China Optics & Photoelectron Association.
· Member of China Fiber Reinforced Plastics Association.
· Member of the Flexible Printing Committee of China Printing Association.
· Member of the Photoelectric Cable Division of China Electronic Components Association.

Address: Lantian Industry District, Nangaocun Bei Road, Zhuozhou County, Hebei Province of China
Post Code: 072750
Telephone: (086) 312-3954294, 3954924, 3954497, 3954394, 3954580
Fax: (086) 312-3954394, 3954595

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